The only quote that will matter in ‘murican hindsight, 20–20. JB nailing the struck-out soul of a certain hysterically mendacious society to the sub-par drywall of a house of cards, just a slight breeze away from collapsing for good.

This Lifetrip takes Us to all compass points, perennial peregrinations predisposed to suspense. We drive the parts of the Journey that We can, with a shaky steering wheel that, more often than not, moves counter-clockwise. Counter-intuitive: nowsabout, Our COVIDacious disposition.

The public Universe is an unknowable murk, as We cavort with the same palmful of people. Together with the selected few…

Pojo 1975

Rampant recorder of a riven world that always shoots a tractor beam of Hope.

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